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I’m looking for manuscripts that capture my interest from the first line and don’t let up!

  • I don’t accept queries from previously published books, unless you’re looking to publish in an alternative format (e.g. audio).
  • Manuscripts must be over 55,000 words and under 100,000 words.
  • Your manuscript should be complete and edited prior to querying.

Below is my wish list. Get details on how to submit your book to me here.

#MSWL Fiction

I’m looking for stories with well-developed characters who have powerful motivations for their choices (good and bad) and who send me on an emotional journey. I love quirky characters and humor, but also troubled, broody characters looking for love and/or redemption. I’m interested in all characters including diverse, older, LGBTQIA+, or disabled. Send me something new. No cliché or stereotypical characters or situations.

I love to laugh and swoon in a romance! In romantic suspense and mystery, I like to reach a plot twist and say, “Holy cow, I didn’t see that coming.”

I truly believe romances are made or ruined by the black moment and grand gesture (grand doesn’t mean big. It should make me swoon).

I represent the following romance categories:

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Romantic Comedies
  • Romantic Suspense/Mystery
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Romantic Fantasy (not general fantasy)
  • Inspirational Romantic Suspense
  • New Adult Romance

I also represent

  • YA Fantasy
  • Cozy Mystery
  • Humorous Mystery (ala Janet Evanovich’s Stefanie Plum and Fox & O’Hare)
  • Sleuthing Couples Past or Present (ala The Thin Man, JD Robb’s Eve and Roarke, Christies’ Tommy and Tuppance, Carolyn Hart etc)
  • Action Adventure (I’m looking for treasure hunting like Cussler’s Sam and Remi Fargo or suspense involving myths, folklore or mysteries like Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code)

What I Look For

By romance, I mean books in which the relationship between the couple is the primary story and ends with a happily ever after or happily for now.

For all my wish list, I love to see stories involving:

  • Smart, witty banter
  • The unexpected, such as gender role reversals or big twists
  • Quirky characters and humorous situations
  • Smart women, even if they get themselves in precarious situations
  • New twists on favorite tropes
  • Mermaids or angels, as well as the typical paranormal/fantasy beings (e.g. vampires, faeries)
  • Quests and adventures (e.g. Romancing the Stone)
  • Re-imaginings or use of myths, folklore and fairytales

What I’m not looking for:

  • Historical romance (unless humorous or an adventure such as The Mummy)
  • Erotica
  • Romance that involves cheating
  • Women’s fiction
  • Science Fiction in space
  • Horror
  • Thrillers (no spy novels)
  • Previously published works (self or traditionally)
  • Anything under 55k or over 100k


  • Predicable characters and plots
  • Weak motivation and stakes
  • Weepy women who need a man to save them. Even if she needs male support, she should be strong.
  • Aggressive or overly obnoxious characters. Men can be alpha males and women can have an edge, but don’t overdo it to the point I wonder why anyone would fall in love with them.
  • Chemistry stemming only from lust in romances (attraction can be the first sign of chemistry, but it should develop into more)
  • Book that start with “It’s a dark and stormy night…” in that I prefer to start with the character and action, not the setting.

#MSWL NonFiction

If you’re an expert either by training or by experience, and have a developed platform, I represent the following nonfiction categories:

  • Small/home/online business
  • Marketing
  • Success-oriented self-help, personal development (how-to books designed to help others achieve. I’d love to have the next Atomic Habits, Four-Hour Workweek, or Crush It!)
  • New Age/ Spiritual Self-Help
  • Writing/authorship/publishing

I’m looking for books that offer more than the basics already printed and provide readers with tangible tips and tools. I’d be interested in niche books such as marketing on TikTok, AI tools for writers or entrepreneurs, starting and running a print-on-demand or drop ship business, and freelancing in the gig economy.

Get details on how to submit your book to me here.