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I work with the Blue Ridge Literary Agency, You can submit to me or other agents through the BRLA site or you can submit using my form linked to below. Please read all instructions carefully!

All queries MUST be submitted to me through my Query Manager page. Anything submitted outside of that WILL NOT be reviewed. DO NOT E-MAIL YOUR QUERY!

If you haven’t already, review my Wishlist to see the books that I represent, and what I don’t.

Fiction Submissions

Your Query letter must include;

~ Your name (very important)
~ Phone number and E-mail address
~ Manuscript Title
~ Genre (including subgenre)
~ Word Count (NOT page count)
~ # of Points of View telling the story
~ Marketing Plans
~ For ROMANCE, please give heat level
~ 1-2 page Synopsis telling the story from beginning to end, including all important events in the story and the ending (including whodunnit in a mystery)

Your sample chapters should:
~ be edited
~ be double spaced with 1″ margins
~ have chapters begin on a new page
~ have chapter headings
~ be in Times New Roman font
~ be in font size 12

Nonfiction Submissions

Please send your query, full proposal, and the first 2 chapters

Your Query letter must include:

~ Your name (very important)
~ Phone number and E-mail address
~ Manuscript Title
~ Topic
~ Word Count (NOT page count)
~ Relevance (why is this book needed now)
~ Short Bio (why you’re the one to write this book)

Your proposal and sample chapters should be:

~ Edited
~ Times New Roman font size 12
~ Double spaced with 1″ margins
~ Divided with proposal sections and sample chapters beginning on a new page with headings

If you’re ready to submit to me, you can do so here: Leslie Truex, Blue Ridge Literary Agency Query Manager