Happy Accidents – Learning to Recognize and Take Advantage of Good Things Put In Your Path

Have you ever noticed that when you make the decision to buy something, all of a sudden you see that thing everywhere you go? For example, if you decide to buy a specific model of car, you begin to see “more” of them when you’re on the road. Chances are there isn’t more of these things. Instead, because you’re thinking about them, you notice them more.

Noticing good opportunities…or happy accidents…is crucial for success. Most importantly, being able to notice and take advantage of good things that are put in your path is key to achieving your goals. These “things” can be a book, a person, an idea, a tool…anything.

The problem is, many people miss these opportunities. Or they notice, but don’t act. Don’t let that be you! Learn to recognize, appreciate, and follow through on the happy accidents that come your way.