Leslie Truex

Ideaphoria: a noun describing an an “experience where one feels a constant onslaught of new ideas, creating a euphoric state of idea creation” (per Wiktionary).

Did you ever see the movie “Night Shift” with Michael Keaton and Henry Winkler? In it Keaton’s character says, ” I’m an idea man Chuck, I get ideas, sometimes I get so many ideas that I can’t even fight them off!” That’s how I feel and usually how I work. I enjoy writing, speaking and launching online projects. I’m the owner of Work-At-Home Success and the author of The Work-At-Home Success Bible and various other work-at-home related resources. You can learn more about me here

Here are some things I do that can help you….


  • Discover the career you will love that fits the life you want to lead
  • Find or create a work-at-home job
  • Start a home based business
  • Make a living on the Internet through blogging, information products and affiliate marketing
  • Work as a freelance writer online
  • Make your website work for you
  • Find the missing piece to success

Learn more by checking out Work-At-Home Success or Leslie’s books and resources.


Work-At-Home Topics:

  • How to Find or Get a Work-At-Home Job
  • How to Start a Home Based Business
  • Blogging For Bucks

Marketing Topics:

  • Make Your Website Work for You
  • Make the Connection Marketing – Become the Go-To Business in Your Industry

Writing/Publishing Topics:

  • Write and Publish an eBook (Fiction & Non-Fiction)
  • Make a Living Writing Online

Success Topics:

  • Success: The Missing Piece
  • Do It All: How Ideaphorics Can Pursue all Their Goals, Passions and Interests

Check out Leslie’s upcoming events. Or Contact Leslie or visit her speaking page for more information.

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