Leslie Truex As Featured

Do you have goals, dreams and projects you’ve pushed aside? Would you like to start pursuing them but don’t think you have the time or resources? Think again!

Leslie Truex: Author, Speaker, Work At Home Success

I know many women would like to design their lives and careers, but feel they don’t have enough time, knowledge, experience, resources, money, and support. But it is possible to pursue all your goals and dreams, even with the limits imposed by life. I know because I do it daily. 

My name is Leslie Truex and like many moms, I let many of the hobbies, passions and dreams I had slip away as the daily busyness of life — raising kids, going to a job, keeping house, etc — consumed my time and energy. That is until I realized that by neglecting myself, I couldn’t be the best mom, wife, or person I could be. So despite having two little kids, a job outside the home, and all the other commitments in life, I added back activities that brought me joy and pursued my goals and dreams.

Today, I’m living a life I’ve designed that allows me to work at home on projects I’m excited about, have time for personal pursuits, and allows me more time for my family. If you’re eager to pursue your passions, hobbies, even careers, you’ve come to the right place.

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